Fendi Haute Fourrure2017 show




By dreaming of flowers from another world, a strange and ethereal beauty emerges. The FENDI Haute Fourrure Fall/Winter 2017-18 Collection blooms with a verdant garden – from a Symbolist springtime to an otherworldly winter, exotic botanicals flourish in perfect synergy with exquisite craftsmanship. In delicate wings of fabric, the silhouette unfurls like precious petals, fur coats and gowns that cocoon at the shoulders and fall into fishtail points. Heart shapes abound, draping into soft capes, contoured sleeves and winged skirts.

From the iris, daisy or crocus to the seductive poppy, flowers spring to life in the third dimension inlaid in lynx and sable, or woven as a metallic jacquard and an intricate leather lace. Revolutionary technique creates new traditions: mink is re-assembled as an opulent lace fabric to create collars and cuffs accenting tinted sable and pastel Persian lamb. Later, it is hand cut into a meticulous ‘pixel’ confetti, where thousands of discs are stitched onto silk organza. Post-impressionist hand painting produces exquisitely soft landscapes on shaved mink and diaphanous silk, their surfaces embellished with a meticulous appliqué of feathers, golden needlepoint and mink thread. Flowerpot clutches are festooned with leather foliage, while pointed suede mules blooming with life-size flowers or decorated with fur powder puffs close with a delicate ankle chain.

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