Salons, bars, gaming rooms… gathered here for one night only are the archetypes of a contemporary club. Created to celebrate the Hermès woman, Hermès Club is a quirky and joyous event to be revealed by Hermès in Shanghai; set inside the majestic Long Museum, on 15 th June 2017.


At the epicentre of this party is a new performance directed by Jean-Paul Goude, who was given carte blanche to create a show based on the

2017 autumn-winter collection designed by Nadège Vanhée-Cybulski, artistic director of women’s ready-to-wear.


Imagined by Bali Barret, artistic director of the Hermès women’s universe, in collaboration with the set designer Antoine Platteau, this party highlights the spirit of the Hermès woman: sophisticated, mysterious and joyful. A spirit that permeates the different ambiances of the Hermès Club through the collections of ready-to-wear and accessories (bags, jewellery, shoes, scarves, watches, and more).


In an atmosphere of exhilarating artistic effervescence, it is an invitation to wander, have fun, play, chat, be dazzled and thrilled, dine, dance… as much as you please or all night long. Members only!



The Lock Hall

Geometric purity and rational beauty. Welcome to the Hermès Club! Discover the programme and the rules of the game only once you have passed through the three Verrou doors, a nod to the clasp of the eponymous bag. Show your membership card and follow the path, as the different bags reveal themselves. A route towards an object of desire.


The Chain Gallery

In a setting of emblematic chains, three young women dressed in Cachemire-print silk crépon dresses perch on swings, daydreaming. Micro-precious bags, long necklaces, bracelets… It’s a chain reaction!


The Music Hall

Jean-Paul Goude has invited Rocío Molina, the new rising star of flamenco, and her musicians to lead a group of twenty models; their powerful performance staged in homage to the mythical orange box of Hermès. It’s set to be a showstopper!


The Red Ballroom

Red hot! Your gaze is borne aloft to the mobile symphony orchestrated by Jean-Paul Goude. In the centre, in an immense cage, Hermès scarves fly like birds in a surrealist ballet, while a profusion of red objects, shoes, gloves, hats, waltz around to the music. Objects with sense. A sense of composition, a sense of rhythm and lightness…


The Members’ Room

Luxury and delight. Light and shadow. Precious and metallic. A play on transparency. Take a break in this mellow and mysterious setting

while sipping an Hermès Club cocktail. The Brides de gala ensemble of haute bijouterie, designed by Pierre Hardy, creative director for jewellery and shoes, captivates and mesmerises.


The Valet Service / Bolidoscope

A summer’s evening in the city, a starry sky and a bar, an oversized apple-green limousine is transformed into a photo studio for up to ten passengers. Freewheeling Bolide bags discover their automotive history.


The Powder Room

A boudoir ambiance, with powdery pink hues. This room is an ode to femininity through five different tableaux, each scene revealing a gaming table on the theme of accessories and silk.


The Night Club

Let’s dance! In the black dark, the Bray Brothers control the decks while night owls are photographed in the “members and benefactors” portrait gallery. Click club.


The Billiard Room

Having a ball! The spectacular game of pool-bowling is played standing on a giant table to the cheers of the crowd.


The Rules

And above all, don’t forget the rules of the Club:

1. Drink

2. Taste

3. Laugh

4. Watch

5. Play

6. Dance

7. Have fun

8. Remember…


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