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Inspire Me MQDC

The Creative Space that Inspires the New Generation

Sangravee Kositpaisal, Senior Vice President of Magnolia Quality Development Corporation or MQDC, a leading international real estate developer, hosted the grand opening of “Inspire Me MQDC” VIP Open House Party to unveil the exciting new space created for people driven by their inspiration. “Inspire Me MQDC” is established to provide the younger generation with the opportunity and space to spark new ideas and see different perspectives at the Life Café. Here, everyone can hang out and be excited by limitless new and creative concepts every day. Your experience will be enhanced by the unique and delicious flavors of refreshments and baked goods, carefully crafted for your enjoyment. Savor the snacks and get inspiration from rotating lifestyle concepts designed to arouse your infinite creative juices. The space was opened on an auspicious date with a special concept to proudly present MQDC’s lifeblood; the determination to foster lasting happiness for all. For the first time ever, the event was recreated a thriving natural environment completed with many wild animals set in the city with Virtual Reality technology ‘Augmented Reality Mapping’. Also scheduled was a talk on finding inspiration by Dr. Singh Intrachooto, Chief Adviser of the Research & Innovation for Sustainability Centre (RISC), and a performance by two members of the band Nuvo John Ratanavaro and Saharat Sangkapreecha to add color and share their music with the world. Many celebrities including Prakarn Raiva, Akapat Phornprapha, Haruethai Jayant Na Ayudhaya, Sarinya Mahadumrongkul, Prawpreya Chumsai Na Ayuthaya, Silsupa Apirukthanon, Phakyada Chutidanaikul, Jarospan Svasti Na Ayudhya attended the party on Friday afternoon, 8 February 2019 at “Inspire Me MQDC” at ICONSIAM Floor 1.

MQDC, always driven to make a difference in business, instills a vision for inspiration under FOR ALL WELL-BEING, which strives to make every living being, not only humans, on this Earth happy and healthy. MQDC is one of the rare real estate developers with this unique vision. MQDC is determined to develop projects that are good for the environment and for society and nature to live in harmony and sustainably. We are conscious that construction affects many living beings so we strive to move forward with the idea that “We build… for a better future for all.” Without neglecting important factors, we only build what is best for all of us, and in doing so, we can sprout new ideas for a better life for everyone in the future. This is the source of our inspiration for building “Inspire Me MQDC,” The Truly Inspired Space For All.

“Inspire Me MQDC” is an elegant and luxurious Life Café infused with an understated style that harmoniously blends the works of art with lifestyle. The space is filled with tales of inspiration to captivate visitors. These stories are easy to grasp through the use of Digital Storytelling with the help of technology and mixed digital media. Soak up the stories in different nooks and corners with seats in many different styles to choose from. Increase happiness with an exquisite and exclusive menu from PAUL, the legendary Parisian-style bakery. The baked goods are exclusively created for dessert lovers visiting the Life Café. Sip on super innovative drinks with amazing presentations to hit all of your senses, perfect for creative minds to chill here all day. Coffee lovers should not miss this place because the coffee is carefully made from premium selected blends of coffee beans. On top of that, it is made with the Mavam Espresso, which is known for being the best coffee machine in Thailand. You will enjoy the perfect cup of coffee, delighting in all of its nodes. What’s more, the coffee is brewed with special techniques from our professional baristas. One sip and you’ll be hooked!

Basked in the grand atmosphere recreated to resemble the wild and beautiful nature starting from ICONLUXE all the way to Inspire Me MQDC, ICONSIAM Floor 1, the whole space was turned into a dense rainforest residing in the middle of the city, with the eye-popping concept, “Imaginary Dream Forest.” For this event, many guests of honor were invited to help opening the world to grand imaginations in the midst of this jungle filled with fun, colors, and many other gimmicks. The highlight of the event was the eye-turning technology Augmented Reality Mapping, which portrayed the collaboration between innovation and inspiration. The story strived to bridge a closer relationship between human beings, nature, and the world. It aimed to fill the imagination with ideas for sustainability by showing the many perspectives of big and small animals living together in modern cities through the innovation and development of the app Sound Of Earth (SOE). The app, available for visitors to download, allowed you to collect memorable pictures of the vividly moving animals recreated around you. Also enjoyed the show Nature Secret that would take you into a world of imagination through the many models painted into live mannequins representing the beautiful goddesses of nature.
After experiencing the exhibition, it was time to savor the special menu created by PAUL. The menu portrayed the inspiration of the different projects by MQDC. WHIZDOM was represented by “Crab Imperial,” seasoned crab mixed with mascarpone cheese served on PAUL’s signature puff pastry. The crab conveyed the origin of growth, during the transition period when we move out of the house, find a career and a new home for ourselves. Next, The Forestias’ “Salmon Tartine” focused on quality raw ingredients, minimally processed, to convey this project’s concept, which emphasized nature and abundant green space. “Coconut Macaron,” belonging to MAGNOLIAS, brought out the sweet smell of magnolia flowers in the macarons made with coconuts, fitting for the name of the project. For MQDC, PAUL presented “Honey Choux” as a dessert. The round shape represented the world, which was the symbol of MQDC. The bee signified the residential business because bees are insects that make their own home. The Choux was decorated with green Pistachio Sponge on top to remind that nature is the true driving force for every life here on Earth.

This grand opening of “Inspire Me MQDC” The Truly Inspired Space For All began with Sangravee Kositpaisal, Senior Vice President of MQDC, warmly welcoming the honored guests to the event. Next, Dr. Singh Intrachooto, Chief Adviser of the Research & Innovation for Sustainability Centre (RISC), leaded a talk on exchanging different viewpoints and inspirations for designing a sustainable world. For the finale, it was time for a surprise from the two members of the band Nuvo John Ratanavaro and Kong Saharat Sangkapreecha. They are artists inspired to make the world a better place to live in. As founders of “Sound of Earth,” they shared music that inspired the world in the form of Silent Music. This was a new kind of music that allowed you to experience the performance without noise pollution. Every song was aimed to convey to the listener to see the value in conserving nature and the environment for our lasting happiness.


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Vivienne Westwood และ Burberry ร่วมมือกันรังสรรค์คอลเลคชั่นสุดพิเศษ โดยได้ช่างภาพมากฝีมืออย่าง...

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ในปัจจุบันชุดไทยได้รับความนิยมเป็นอย่างมาก เนื่องจากเป็นชุดประจำชาติที่มีเอกลักษณ์ เฉพาะตัว ไม่เหมือนกับชาติอื่นๆ ด้วยการออกแบบและการตัดเย็บที่ประณีต บวกกับการสร้างสรรค์โทนสี และลวดลายบนผืนผ้าที่เกิดจากงานฝีมือของช่างไทยที่มีความพิถีพิถัน...

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งานแต่งแห่งปีระหว่างนักร้องหนุ่มสุดฮ็อต Nick Jonas และ Priyanka Chopra

Nick Jonas และ Priyanka Chopra ตัดสินใจสละโสดหลังจากคบหาดูใจกันมาสักระยะหนึ่ง โดยทั้งคู่วางแผนจะแต่งงานกันสุดสัปดาห์นี้ โดยกำลังเดินทางไปสนามบินในมุมไบประเทศอินเดีย และจะมุ่งหน้าไปยังสถานที่จัดงานแต่งงานของพวกเขาในเมือง Jodhpur...

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COMME des GARÇONS has now opened special installations for the collection at Dover Street Market locations around the world

After officially launching its new CDG line last week, COMME des GARÇONS has now opened special installations for the collection at Dover Street Market locations around the world.

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ทอดส์ (Tod’s) แบรนด์เครื่องหนังสัญชาติอิตาเลี่ยน นำเสนอไอคอนิคไอเท็มในฤดูใบไม้ร่วง - ฤดูหนาว 2018 กับรองเท้ากอมมิโน่ (Gommino) อันเป็นรองเท้ามอคคาซินยอดนิยมอันดับหนึ่งตลอดกาลจากทอดส์ ซึ่งในซีซั่นใหม่นี้ ทอดส์ได้เพิ่มเติมลูกเล่นและความพิเศษให้กับรองเท้ากอมมิโน่อย่างมากมาย...

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Bottega Veneta Cruise 2019 collection

เพื่อแสดงให้เห็นถึงความซับซ้อน และน่าสนในของคอลเล็กชั่นนี้ ครีเอทีฟไดเร็กเตอร์โทมัส ไมเยอร์ (Tomas Maier) จึงได้แบ่งคอลเล็กชั่นนี้ออกเป็นสามคอลเล็กชั่นย่อยๆ “เหมือนกับเป็นมินิคอลเล็กชั่น” Tomas Maier กล่าว “คอลเล็กชั่นแรกจะออกในเดือนพฤศจิกายน คอลเล็กชั่นต่อมาออกในเดือนธันวาคม และคอลเล็กชั่นที่สามในเดือนมกราคม...

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FENDI’s Mon Trésor bucket bag gets a new look on the Women’s Fall/Winter 2018-19 catwalk, presented in a bigger size to carry all must have items and become the cool day bag of every woman’s dreams....

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Are you ready to get obsessed with the FENDI MANIA Collection? Vivid colors and patterns lit-up the new Capsule Collection by FENDI, famed by its cool ‘FENDI/FILA’ logo created by Instagram artist @hey_reilly and re-appropriated by the House across Ready-To-Wear and Accessories...

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Giorgio Armani presents the Emporio Armani Spring/Summer 2019 collections in the hangar of Milano Linate Airport

Giorgio Armani is pleased to announce Emporio Armani Boarding, a major show event to be held on 20th September 2018 in the hangar of the Milano Linate Airport...