With Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2017, Viktor&Rolf present a parade of Haute Couture Action Dolls. These Action Dolls form a surreal yet playful fashion team of stylized Viktor&Rolf mascots that are rooting for a world that is creative, diverse, and eco-conscious.

Their outfits, inspired by a stereotypical and rebellious winter look, consist of a bomber jacket, jeans and a t-shirt styled with a mix of iconic Dr. Martens and custom Viktor&Rolf slippers. Various doll elements, including fabric covered faces and bodies, are fragmented and mingled into an extreme patchwork statement.

The power of transformation: under the hands of Viktor&Rolf, the bomber jacket undergoes a surreal metamorphosis. Its tough street style is softened into voluminous Haute Couture shapes. Flared skirts and signature bows, ruffles and volants make up an exaggerated silhouette that is anchored in a high waist. Like a traditional bomber, every garment is padded and executed in a Japanese high-tech fabric. Padding itself is used to a surrealist effect: by literally padding everything, including the body, new shapes come about giving way to a strong silhouette.

Fashion Artists Viktor&Rolf continue to explore the idea of upcycling as patchwork techniques link to ideals of the previous two Haute Couture collections, where existing elements were used to create something new. A multitude of fabrics, old and new, precious and humble, are combined into decorative patterns, embellishing a procession of Haute Couture bombers.

Patchwork serves to symbolise a wish for harmony. To create unity through diversity. Uniting instead of dividing, regardless of colour, nationality, age or descent

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