THANN held an activity, rejuvenating your skin from inside out with ‘Nano Shiso Revitalizing Face Mask’ and ‘Nano Shiso Age Inversion Face Cream’
Also celebrities sharing tips on skin repairing

Many people possibly enjoy activities during summer until they forget to notice their skin conditions, after spending a long time under the sun that might cause skin problems like dull skin, blemishes, dry skin, including photo aging due to UV ray. These problems probably make beauty conscious people become considerably worried.


Recently, THANN, a skin care product brand under Oh- Thitipat Suppattranon as executive, invited celebrities to attend an activity to rejuvenate skin and reveal skin rejuvenating products;   Nano shiso revitalizing face mask, a concentrate facial mask containing natural extracts for skin brightening efficiency, and Nano shiso age inversion face cream, a face cream with qualities to reduce wrinkles from aging and moisturize skin. Apart from good skin nourishing, exercising also helps to promote healthy skin condition. Thais activity was joined by new generation of health-conscious celebrities, Mutmook- Praedao Panichsamai, Peung- Matunart Sosothikul, and Plakhem- Karatphet Issara, including Kru Heart- Navasu Buakant, yoga instructor to advise yoga positions boosting blood circulation and detoxification in the body to give result in rejuvenated skin revealing luminosity naturally.


THANN,  a skin and hair care product brand offers variety of products based on botanic essence from natural resources around the world and leading technologies to provide quality products with effective ingredients accepted  by global market in which THAN currently has 69 branches in a continents;  Asia, Australia, America, , and Europe. It’s been 10 years that THANN continuously develop product quality through a selection of nourishing natural extract.  THANN introduces new series of skin care to revive skin after facing the sun.


Nano Shiso Revitalizing Face Mask


Immediate, skin reviving product after sun nourishes your skin with finely selected natural extracts for 43% increase of luminosity after continual use twice a week for 4 weeks, proven by Spincontrol Asia co.,ltd (France). It contains many nutrients from natural extracts such as Grape fruit extract to enhance skin luminosity naturally,  Mulberry Root extracts to fade dark spots and skin’s dullness, Ougon extract , from plants in the desert to moisturize the skin, Trehalose extract to prevent and keep balance in skin moisture, and  Nano shiso extract  to moisturize skin and reduce inflame and irritation.


Nano Shiso Age Inversion Face Cream


Skin care product invented to specifically solve wrinkle problem. The light cream texture can absorb the skin rapidly without leaving oil excess. It can reduce 31.3% of wrinkles after using product continually for 4 weeks, proven by Spincontrol Asia co.,ltd (France). It’s rich in nutrients from natural extracts such as Nano Shiso Extract, micro particle extracted from shiso leaves   that contains anti-oxidant quality. It also moisturize and relieve skin irritation. Hydrolyzed Rice Protein, Soy Protein, and Black Tea Extract have quality to activate collagen production under the skin layer and restore skin’s flexibility.

Kru Heart- Navasu Buakant, talked about the benefits of yoga for beautiful skin and examples of yoga pose that you can do by yourself at home. ‘Yoga is a physical movement through deep inhale and exhale. Thus oxygen could flow to the body better. Each pose promotes body’s flexibility that allows blood and oxygen circulation throughout the body, and gives result in health condition and radiant skin. The easy poses can be made at home are chair pose, by standing with your feet close together and crouch your hips down toward the back with your weights on the hips. Keep your eyes on your toes and keep your knees not to bend over the  toes and moves both arms toward the ears, slowly open your chest and try to tense your legs, keep your knees close together and tense your stomach, stretch the chest up. Then remain in this position for 5 breathing periods.’

Another pose is called ‘cat and cow’ pose, start with making a crawling position, stretch your fingers widely, keep the position of your hips with knees and ankles in parallel, arms and legs are upright to the body. Tense your stomach and inhale deeply, lean your back and push your chest to the front like when you drop down your stomach close to the mat. Push your hips and chest up, exhale and touch on the mat softly, tighten your stomach firmly while glancing at your navel. This pose looks like a furious cat. Repeat this pose for 5 breathings. However, before you can practice yoga well, you need to learn which pose are proper for your body.’

Attendants enjoyed the yoga practice, with celebrities revealing their favorite outdoor activities that cause skin damage and how to revive the skin back to healthy skin condition. Firstly, Mutmook-Praedao Panichsamai   said the activity that ruins her skin is swimming. ‘Personally, I enjoy aquatic sports, both swimming and diving. When I do these activities, I totally enjoy without concern about my skin. Luckily, my skin turns darker easily but can get back to the same tone easily. However, after facing the strong sunlight, I will apply aloe vera gel to cool down my skin and I also apply moisturizer.’

Secondly, artist celebrity, Peung- Matunart Sosothikul said that she likes trail running that cause strong damage to her skin every time.  ‘I really love trail running, which is running in the woods and up on the hills. Definitely I have to run under the strong sunlight and I am personally allergic to my sweat.  After running my skin becomes acne prone and gets dull easily. The way I repair my skin is heavy load of skin care routines (laugh) like treatment and face mask to get concentrate skin nourishments to repair my skin directly.’


Lastly, a talented designer, Plakhem- Karatphet Issara said ski is an activity causing her skin damage ‘I enjoy skiing very much. I go for skiing in Italy annually, each trip takes about 7-8 days. Outdoor sport like ski makes   me face the sun and UV ray directly. After ski trip my skin gets burnt and turns very dry. But normally I drink lots of water, so I will drink loads of water after skiing to relieve dry skin and I also use face cream with concentrate extracts to activate collagen to keep skin soft and moisturized.’


Revive your skin back to beautiful and healthy skin condition with Nano shiso revitalizing face mask (1,090 Baht) and Nano shiso age inversion face cream (40 g. 1,500 Baht), available today at 17 branches of THANN Boutique, such as Floor 5 at The Emporium, Floor 1-2 at Central World, Floor 3 at Gaysorn Plaza, Floor 4 at Siam Paragon, Floor 3 Siam Discovery, Floor 3 at Siam Center, Floor 1 SB Design Square Ratchapreuk, Floor 1 Central Festival Phuket, WOO Shop on Charoenrat Road in Chiangmai, and the brand new branch at Sukhumvit 47.


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