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Henri said
‘Love drove me to renounce my pain. I promise to return.
I will find you, marry you and love you with dignity and without shame.’

Helen said
‘Gliding with each step, the earth sighs with each hoof-touch. His every move with purpose and grace. And I have found happiness in his presence. Through him I sense power, inner peace and resolve.’
Written by H.R.H Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana, 2017

H.R.H. Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana unveils SIRIVANNAVARI and S’HOMME Spring/Summer 2018 Collection named ‘Horse, Helen and Henri’ inspired by a poem written by the designer herself. The poem is a love story about a young military officer and a farm girl at the end of World War II. This latest collection features ultra-feminine silhouettes, state of art embroidery and signature graphic prints created by Her Royal Highness

The love story opens in early spring when the fields of vibrant yellow canola were in full bloom. Helen saw a horse running through a field carrying an unconscious young soldier on its back. Helen tended the wounds of this young gentleman, Henri. During this time of recovery, a romance between the two swiftly blossomed. However, when Henri had fully recovered, military pride and sense of duty compelled Henri to rejoin the army. Before both of them exchanged farewells, Helen gifted him a painting of a horse while Henri gave her his military jacket. The gentleman promised that he would come back to spend the rest of his life with her.

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At the beginning of this long distance relationship, Henri handwrote letters to Helen, while she typed letters in reply to him. As time went by, they lost touch with one another. After a year had passed, Helen had lost hope for the relationship, and was suffering immensely from the waiting. Then one day, she walked to the barley field where the poppy flowers were blooming like her red lips, and Helen heard the sound of a running horse. Her heart began pounding like a drum in nervous anticipation. Once she saw who was standing in front of her, she burst into tears of joy. Henri had kept his promise and return to spend the rest of his life with Helen.

H.R.H. Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana, SIRIVANNAVARI Creative Director said ‘In 2017, I wrote a poem, a love story between a young military officer and a farm girl. Inspiringly, the poem has turned to be the beginning of this collection. I found it quite astonishing to translate this poem into a fashion collection. All the details of the collection can be found throughout the whole story; asymmetrical silhouettes, the exquisite embroidery and details which populate my poem such as the horse, horse tack, the yellow of the canola, ear of barley, sealing wax, poppy flowers, buzzing bees and so on.’

‘The silhouettes and structures of this season are quite varied and complicated, from a mermaid dress and ball gown, to deconstructed looks. In addition, I added some details and techniques to create new dimensions such as quilted pattern, pleating technique from Gérard Lognon’s workshop in Paris and our own Maison’s embroidery craftsmanship,’ said H.R.H. Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana.

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SIRIVANNAVARI and S’HOMME Spring/Summer 2018 women collection consists of 57 looks, (50 of womenswear and 7 of menswear). The show commences with a romantic white dress with ruffle details, evening gown with poppy flower & feather appliqué and crystal encrusted in the shape of a horseshoe and also a leather bustier with hand painted motif. For more masculine looks, the collection also includes a Napoleonic jacket with gold thread embroidery in an ear of barley and bee motif matching with high waisted pants as well as a deconstructed jacket with raw edge details paired with pristine white jeans.

In addition, the princess established SIRIVANNAVARI Atelier and Academy, the in-house workshop of couture embroidery. Thus, the spotlight also shines on the magnificent embroidery which can be seen from gold threads embroidered on the military jacket, the feather and flower appliqué dress and the crystal encrusted gown.

As anticipated, graphic print, one of the brand’s DNA, is still a highlight. The Princess has created prints by visually translating her poem. The prints of the season includes two themes. The former features horses and horse tack while the latter features flowers, bees and ears of barley. The prints are incorporated in the textile collection, such as the scarf (120 cm x 120 cm), and the mini rectangular scarf used for handbag handles.

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The spotlight shines on the Bijoux Collection. The collection falls under the same inspiration, featuring shapes of horses, horse tack, ears of barley, and poppy flowers on jewellery settings. In particular, the brand launches the Fine Jewellery collection for first time offering rings, necklaces and earrings.

To complete and complement a look of the day, the collection also features leather goods, including a bucket bag with an interwoven leather strap and adorned with gilded metal and flower as well as a laser cut tote bag featuring hand painted graphics on the side. The shoe collection offers a sexy touch by using the transparent material and shoestrings which resemble corset laces. The collection spans a wide range, from flats, to high heels (3.5 – 4 inches) to top boots.

To welcome the summer, the beachwear collection also plays an important role. SIRIVANNAVARI beachwear can empower all women to feel confidence in their figures, with cut-out silhouette and the custom made Swarovski crystal embellishments. A cover-up robe suited for both men and women, offer a finishing touch of elegance.

For S’HOMME, the menswear collection celebrates the luxe of the modern gentlemen combined with the casualness of the countryside, reflecting Henri’s personality. The key looks include the exquisitely embroidered Napoleonic jacket, a double breasted jacket with red piping to match pants with the same details, a herringbone military jacket that pairs with white jeans showing the ‘S’ logo in gold embellishment, a hoodie jacket in wool, and a white shirt with pleated details at the back and cuffs. The collection also features men’s shoes and accessories, including Derby shoes, sneakers, jacket pins and neckties in signature prints.

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‘Especially for this season, I composed an original score for the Royal Bangkok Symphony Orchestra to perform at the show consisting of 5.5 acts. The mood of my music is Neo-Romantic with a modern twist adding a touch of acoustic guitar. The music narrates the romantic relationship that develops between Henri and Helen. In particular, you can hear the sound of a typewriter in the score to signify the correspondences typed by Helen,’ the princess concluded.

‘Togetherness makes me present, and I have learned what love is.
With grace, it exists simply within my spirit. With care and understanding, I will be waiting.’
Written by H.R.H Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana, 2017

The Spring/Summer 2018 collection of SIRIVANNAVARI is available at the SIRIVANNAVARI Boutique on the 1st Floor, Fashion Gallery 3, Siam Paragon Shopping Complex.

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