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Prestige, luxury, elegance and design: these are the keywords governing and guiding the partnership cultivated by Bulgari and Maserati since 2012. After the successive launch of two Bulgari chronographs bearing the colours of the Trident brand and celebrating the joint values of these two symbols of Italian excellence, summer 2017 brings the next lap of this prestigious association. Bulgari has created two new Octo Maserati watch models – GranSport and GranLusso – officially presented on September 12th at the Frankfurt motor show alongside Maserati.

The partnership between the two Italian brands sets the seal on a set of natural values shared by both companies, each a leader its respective field. The new Octo models specially developed with Maserati symbolically embody these shared mechanics of excellence, firmly focused on exclusivity: the two Octo Maserati models are reserved for owners of a car bearing the Trident brand emblem, and will be available only in Bulgari Boutiques. They feature retrograde minutes and jumping hours displays, expressed through an aesthetic evoking the style codes of Maserati cars.

The striking and spectacular dial effect is intended to recall the rev counter of a real Maserati, combining dedicated tokens with fields of expression legitimising the rapprochement between the watchmaking and automobile worlds.

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Resolutely Bulgari, subtly Maserati

Bulgari allowed this creativity to express itself boldly yet without undue emphasis. The colours, materials and fonts subtly and elegantly evoke the Maserati world without needing to rely too heavily on visual references for this watch with its dual identity. This resolutely Bulgari model smoothly flaunts its membership of the Octo family, with the powerfully structured case that has become a benchmark in terms of contemporary design and recalling the brand’s roots firmly embedded in its Italian heritage. The subtly Maserati watch is clearly proud to bear the iconic carmaker’s name, attributes and values, particularly those of prestige and Italian refinement, characterised by the modernity of the design and offering a distinctive reminder of the Maserati codes: a dial design evoking car dashboard and counters, along with a topstitched leather strap reminiscent of automobile upholstery.

The trust-driven relationship between the two prestigious Italian brands has already resulted in two chronographs since 2012: the Octo Quadri-Retro and the Octo Velocissimo Chronograph. These models are particularly appreciated by devotees of the automobile world, not only because of the legitimacy of the chronograph complication linked with the sporting measurement of time, but also because of the double signature of these horological instruments – explicitly signed Bulgari and subtly bearing the legendary Maserati trident emblem referring to the famous attribute of the Neptune statue in Bologna, birthplace of the firm created in 1914.

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For over a century, Maserati have of course proven their mettle on the tracks of the greatest motor races. They are also appreciated on the road, particularly by a refined clientele revelling in the charms of travel aboard these luxurious cars. As informed connoisseurs looking for discreet luxury based on cutting-edge skills matched by avant-garde technologies and a powerful, high-end contemporary design, Maserati lovers naturally appreciate the watches created by Bulgari and discreetly bearing the trident. On this 41 mm-diameter watch that is as legible as a car dashboard, the emblem highlights the round hour display window.

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The latter function is powered by the mechanical Retro BVL 262 calibre, entirely developed and produced in-house, just as the Maserati engines are made by the constructor’s engine designers and builders. This 33-jewel self-winding movement – decorated in the finest tradition using Côtes de Genève, chamfering and bevelling techniques – has a 42-hour power reserve and oscillates at a rate of 28,800 vibrations per hour, a token of optimal efficiency and precision. These qualities are matched by the instant legibility – above and beyond the complex underlying horological mechanism – of the jumping hours and retrograde minutes display, ensuring an immediate grasp of this valuable information. All of which is of course ideal when at the wheel of a Maserati.

All that remains is the tricky choice of model, since Bulgari has chosen to pamper devotees of fine GT cars by offering this highly exclusive watch in two versions.

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GranSport or GranLusso

Just as a Maserati is capable of smoothly transitioning from road to track, from long-haul journeys to the refined havens of grand hotels, the Octo Maserati by Bulgari can be appreciated in a sporty yet extremely elegant interpretation, or in an elegant yet relaxed expression. The former is the GranSport version in black DLC-treated carbon. The dial is black, while the indications – numerals, hour-markers, counters – and the hands are silver-toned and blue. It proudly proclaims its contemporary strength and avant-garde design. The latter is the GranLusso in 18kt pink gold. While its dial is also black, the entire set of hands and indications are in pink gold – a precious and refined touch from Bulgari the jeweller.

The two instruments with their sophisticated mechanical hearts are an elegant and modern take on the codes of Italian-style high-end watchmaking and carmaking. These two extremely exclusive watches will be introduced at the upcoming Frankfurt motor show (IAA), even though a few lucky gentlemen drivers will already have had the pleasure of receiving their own timepiece of the Octo GranTurismo exclusive edition. They form an exclusive circle indeed, since this special edition in black DLC-treated steel is reserved for the 30 clients who purchased the new Maserati GranTurismo and GranCabrio cars unveiled at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in early July.

With the two Octo Maserati special editions, gentlemen drivers will be able to keep a stylish eye on time.



Manufactured mechanical movement, bi-directional automatic rewind, Caliber BVL 262, hours minutes retrograde indicator and jumping hour, 28'800 V/h, 26.20mm diameter, 6.10mm thickness; power reserve of 42 hours.

Steel case black DLC treated (Diamond Like Carbon) or in 18kt pink gold depending on the version, 41.5mm diameter, black dial, silvered hands and indexes or in 18kt pink gold; perforated straps, blue stitched or brown.


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