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Chopard Watches and Wonders - Geneva 2022

The Sound of Eternity: L.U.C Full Strike Tourbillon, L.U.C Full Strike Sapphire and L.U.C Strike One

The perfect acoustics of Chopard chiming watches

The perfect acoustics of Chopard chiming watches

To mark the 25th anniversary of the L.U.C collection, Chopard is presenting a trio of new chiming watches. These timepieces have undergone a process of adjustment and analysis under the aegis of Chopard Co-President Karl-Friedrich Scheufele and led by virtuoso cellist and violinist Gautier and Renaud Capuçon. The two brothers are brilliant musicians who have instilled their sensitivity, nuance and emotion into the acoustic fine-tuning of the L.U.C Strike One, L.U.C Full Strike Sapphire and L.U.C Full Strike Tourbillon models.

In 2016, Chopard presented the L.U.C Full Strike model, the Maison's first minute repeater watch. The result of more than six years' work totalling 17,000 hours of development, this watch set the crowning touch to the 20th anniversary of Chopard Manufacture and its commitment to the progress of Fine Watchmaking. Among the many innovations presented in the Full Strike, four of which have been patented, the most radical represented a complete paradigm shift for chiming watches. In all other existing minute repeaters, the sound is generated by a hammer striking metal gongs, which are part of the movement. L.U.C Calibre 08.01-L by Chopard Manufacture goes beyond this with sapphire gongs, separate from the movement and an integral part of the glass topping the dial.

L.U.C Full Strike Tourbillon

20-piece limited edition in ethical 18-carat rose gold
Exceptional strikework, quintessential complication

The L.U.C Haute Horlogerie collection has been enriched with a new technical prodigy, as this L.U.C Full Strike model adds a tourbillon with a sapphire bridge to the monobloc sapphire minute repeater inherent to the L.U.C Full Strike series. This 42.5 mm timepiece in ethical 18-carat rose gold is equipped with the new chronometer-certified L.U.C 08.02-L movement. The extremely accomplished level of finishing, both on the movement and the case, has earned it the Poinçon de Genève quality hallmark. Its dial, in ruthenium grey-coloured hand-guilloché rose gold, opens to reveal the two complications that make this 20-piece limited edition so sophisticated. Endorsed by virtuoso brothers Renaud and Gautier Capuçon, its acoustic richness achieves an exceptional level of quality, while perfect homogeneity makes it an unparalleled timepiece combining a stunning conceptual challenge with supremely accomplished execution.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of its creation, the L.U.C collection is welcoming a new flagship. The L.U.C Full Strike Tourbillon model takes its place among the most sophisticated and most innovative Grand Complication watches ever created to date. It follows in the footsteps of Chopard's L.U.C Full Strike minute repeater timepieces, of which the first ethical rose gold edition was awarded the “Aiguille d'Or” best-in-show award at the 2017 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève. These timepieces feature a unique Chopard-patented system in which the gongs and sapphire crystal form a single entity, which resonates in its entirety to produce the chime.

At 42.5 mm in diameter and 12.58 mm thick, the L.U.C Full Strike Tourbillon is distinguished by well-balanced proportions contributing to the characteristic elegance of the L.U.C collection. With its interplay of grey and gold colours between the case and strap, dial and hands, as well as between the movement’s steel and nickel silver components, this watch flaunts its aesthetic perfection at every level.

L.U.C Full Strike Sapphire

Five-piece sapphire limited edition
A rare crystal instrument

To mark the 25th anniversary of its L.U.C collection, Chopard has created a peerless transparent timepiece, as well as revolutionising the minute repeater for the second time in five years. In addition to the gongs of the L.U.C 08.01-L chronometer-certified calibre, the entire case, crown and dial of this new L.U.C Full Strike Sapphire model are cut from blocks of sapphire. Measuring 42.5 mm in diameter and totally transparent, it offers a 360-degree view of a movement with exceptional finishes. This entire horological prodigy bears the Poinçon de Genève quality hallmark, a first for a non-metallic timepiece. Endorsed by virtuoso brothers Renaud and Gautier Capuçon, its acoustic richness achieves an exceptional level of quality, while perfect homogeneity makes it an unparalleled timepiece combining a stunning conceptual challenge with supremely accomplished execution.

With the L.U.C Full Strike Sapphire, the L.U.C collection takes a further step into the crystal age. In 2016, the first L.U.C Full Strike model heralded a new watchmaking paradigm, a novel way of generating and propagating the sound of a minute repeater. By using solid sapphire gongs and having the sapphire crystal serve as a resonator, as well as by making these two components into a single monobloc entity, Chopard Manufacture broke the glass ceiling. The result is incomparable tonal richness and acoustic intensity, qualities that previously earned the first L.U.C Full Strike model in rose gold the ultimate “Aiguille d’Or” award at the 2017 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève.

L.U.C Strike One

25-piece limited edition in ethical 18-carat rose gold‘Chime in passing’ takes on a new acoustic and aesthetic dimension

Chopard is deploying the expertise developed with its L.U.C Full Strike minute repeater on a new generation of watches with a striking mechanism. The L.U.C Strike One model chimes at the passing of each hour, on a Chopard-patented monobloc sapphire of which the acoustics have received the artistic endorsement of virtuosos Renaud and Gautier Capuçon, who have acknowledged all its emotional depth. Equipped with the new L.U.C 96.32-L movement, this refined 40 mm-diameter timepiece in ethical 18-carat rose gold is chronometer-certified and bears the Poinçon de Genève quality hallmark. Its solid gold ruthenium grey dial is hand-guilloché with a honeycomb motif. With its crown-integrated pusher, its slender 9.86 mm size and its crystal-clear sound, the L.U.C Strike One model endows the passing of time with an elegantly resonant dimension.

As part of the L.U.C collection’s 25th anniversary celebrations, Chopard Manufacture is laying a new milestone in the history of Haute Horlogerie. Fifteen years after the presentation of its first watch with a striking movement, the collection is renewing the calibre, aesthetics and style of its L.U.C Strike One model. A major step in the growth and maturation of Chopard Manufacture, the decision to create a chiming mechanism was at the time both ambitious and unusual, given that this horological complication was not an obvious choice. Today, L.U.C picks up this theme while undertaking to perfect it in every respect. Chopard Manufacture thus draws upon the knowledge and experience acquired with its L.U.C Full Strike model, its minute repeater watch launched in 2016 and winner of the “Aiguille d'Or” best-in-show award at the 2017 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève, as the L.U.C Strike One becomes the only chiming watch with a sapphire gong directly attached to the crystal.

L.U.C XPS 1860 Officer

50-piece limited edition in ethical 18-carat yellow gold
An ultra-thin timepiece with an officer-type back cover, in which distinction meets discretion

The new L.U.C XPS 1860 Officer timepiece harbours a wealth of secrets and symbols. On one side, an exceptionally refined 18-carat hand-guilloché dial. On the other, an equally guilloché officer-type back cover that opens to reveal the ultra-thin 3.30 mm L.U.C 96.01-L movement. Thus equipped with the first Chopard Manufacture calibre presented in 1997, endowed with Chopard Twin technology and a 22-carat gold micro-rotor, the L.U.C XPS 1860 Officer model epitomises all the elegance and fine craftsmanship of Chopard Haute Horlogerie. This 50-piece limited edition timepiece featuring a 40 mm-diameter case crafted in ethical 18-carat yellow gold and framing a Forest Green dial is chronometer-certified and bears the Poinçon de Genève quality hallmark. It adorns the wrist of contemporary gentlemen with both distinction and discretion.

A gentleman’s elegance lies in a subtle blend of delicacy, secrecy and mystery. Reflecting this inherent modesty, the spirit of L.U.C XPS timepieces has always been imbued with a sense of discretion, purity and refinement. With its guilloché dial and its hinged officer-type back cover, the L.U.C XPS 1860 Officer model remains entirely true to this chosen path. The honeycomb motif appearing on the outside of the back cover matches that of the dial, naturally catching the light and capturing the gaze. A closer look reveals the true nature of the L.U.C XPS 1860 Officer watch, when the wearer presses the crown to open the back cover concealing its sapphire crystal case-back. It opens via an ingenious spring system and remains in that position. This same mechanism makes a pleasing click upon closing, thus confirming that the cover is properly locked.

Alpine Eagle XL Chrono

In Lucent Steel A223
High-precision functions and dynamic look

The Alpine Eagle collection of sporty-chic timepieces is introducing its flyback chronograph fitted for the first time with a contemporary rubber strap. The Alpine Eagle XL Chrono in Lucent Steel A223 is available in Aletsch Blue or Pitch Black dial and remains strongly inspired – like the entire collection – by the power of the eagle and the beauty of the Alps. The three patents for its Chopard 03.05-C chronometer-certified movement with flyback function testify to innovations enhancing its accuracy as well as its smooth handling.

Happy Sport Chrono

The chic, ultra-feminine chronograph

A critically acclaimed feminine watchmaking icon regularly interpreted since its creation through a multitude of daring designs, the Happy Sport has been reinvented in a new chronograph version. Sporty by nature and ethical in essence, this daring 40 mm-diameter watch has what it takes to appeal. Its seven dancing diamonds swirl around its elegant dial, framed by case made entirely of ethical 18-carat rose gold or a bi-material version made of stainless steel and ethical 18-carat rose gold. The Happy Sport Chrono is powered by a chronograph movement boasting COSC-certified chronometer precision and endowed with a 54-hour power reserve. It is paired with a blue leather strap that contributes to its chic yet casual appearance.

Happy Sport – 33 mm

In ethical 18-carat rose gold
A talisman of Joie de vivre in a golden gown

Curtains up on the splendour of time as a theatrical performance: Chopard’s iconic Happy Sport timepiece appears in in a golden gown for a majestic dance. Crafted in accordance with the golden ratio embodied in its 33 mm-diameter ethical 18-carat rose gold case, this ultimate embodiment of the sporty-chic trend sweeps five dancing diamonds spinning around its gilded satin-brushed dial in its opulent wake. Fitted with an ethical 18-carat rose gold bracelet, the Happy Sport beats to the rhythm of the Chopard 09.01-C in-house movement and guarantees a 42-hour power reserve.

Happy Sport, a sporty-chic icon
She might be in jeans, perched on stilettos, and have grabbed a trench coat in a hurry as she left the office. She’ll have slipped her pumps into her handbag for an evening at the opera. On her wrist, a fiery flash, a state of mind, a free spirit: her Happy Sport. On her mind: the icons of 90s chic, the era which saw the birth of her cult watch, symbol of a glamorous, multifaceted epoch… Caroline Bessette Kennedy, Kate Moss and Lucy Liu all belong to her iconographic hall of fame, legends who co-wrote the finest hours of sport-chic style with Caroline Scheufele. Their signature? Style and nonchalance. A disregard for formal conventions. In the age of mix and match, of minimalism and pharaonic luxury, anything was possible as long as there was a true style signature. A signature invented by Chopard in 1993 by giving substance to an era through a watch with a revolutionary spirit allowing diamonds to dance across its dial. A first in the codified world of watchmaking, this daring feat was to become a must-have that made history. Adored, envied, and unequalled. On the wrists of style-making women, the Happy Sport has become an icon.

Happy Sport Métiers d'Art

Three diamond-set eight-piece limited editions in ethical gold
New dancing diamonds enchant a natural environment worth preserving

Chopard celebrates its love of life through three exceptional watches issued in eight-piece limited editions and honouring three animal species that are well worth preserving. Equipped with Chopard Calibre 96.23-L with its 65-hour power reserve, crafted from ethical gold, magnificently hand-decorated and entirely set with sparkling gems, they are the quintessence of all existing codes of excellence in both watchmaking and jewellery. The impression of depth exuded by their mineral dial graced with multi-dimensional marquetry inlays makes them veritable works of art, fascinating miniature ecosystems representing poetic and stylised worlds that highlight the virtuoso skills of the artisans in Chopard’s workshops. These Happy Sport watches also offer a vision enabled by high-tech innovation serving to completely reinvent the legendary whirl of Happy Diamonds. Featuring shapes individually redesigned for each of these three editions, the animal ‘mobiles’ perform their weightless dance with unprecedented grace and elasticity, adding more life than ever to the show staged on the dials.

A fragment of eternity on the wrist, interwoven with the major issues of an era; a canvas shaped by an inimitable sense of luminosity and elegance as Chopard presents a majestic new demonstration of its singular sense of aesthetics and ethics through these ultra-exclusive editions of its iconic Happy Sport watch. Three different models, each issued in an eight-piece limited series, raise the art of watchmaking and jewellery to a new pinnacle. The prolific inspiration of Chopard Co-President and Artistic Director Caroline Scheufele highlights her fundamental love of nature and animals as well as Chopard's ongoing commitment to sustainable development.

Happy Hearts – Golden Hearts Collection

The emblem of Chopard’s big heart

More than just jewellery, the Happy Hearts collection is a powerful symbol of Chopard's creative generosity. Beating in unison with the infinite swirl of dancing diamonds, the heart now appears in the form of a pendant, a bangle, a ring and a pair of ear jackets in ethical 18-carat yellow gold adorned with diamonds – a line of jewellery aptly named "Happy Hearts – Golden Hearts".

Inspired by the Chopard ‘heart’ emblem, the Happy Hearts collection glorifies this universal symbol of life and feelings through a version entirely crafted in ethical yellow gold. The heart is a longstanding focus of the aesthetics underlying Chopard creations, of which it reflects the values. The latter naturally include ethics, representing more than a principle but instead a lasting commitment that guides the entire approach taken by the workshops: since July 2018, the Maison has used 100% ethical gold for its watches and jewellery.

Through a new line consisting of a pendant, a bangle, a ring and a pair of ear jackets, the Happy Hearts – Golden Hearts collection has mischievously played with two alternating hearts: a large yellow gold one rimmed with diamonds and a smaller one in which an iconic dancing diamond – another signature of the Maison – whirls and twirls. Together, these two hearts perform a charming pas de deux synonymous with women’s Joie de Vivre and free-spirited attitude.

Ethical, playful and exquisitely feminine, Happy Hearts – Golden Hearts embodies a contemporary vision of jewellery: talisman pieces to be worn alone or stacked as playful companions to the impulses of women’s hearts.

Ice Cube

Bracelets in ethical 18-carat yellow, white and rose gold
Graphic, ethical and chic!

The Ice Cube collection broadens its jewellery range by introducing a series of bangles. Composed of rows of small cubes that have shaped the success of the collection’s rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces, Ice Cube jewels are the ideal fashion accessory to wear solo or stacked. The new bangles are available in nine variations made from ethical 18-carat rose, yellow or white gold, either polished or set with diamonds.

L’Heure du Diamant

Feminine and precious

With L'Heure du Diamant, Chopard masterfully captures the beauty of diamonds. Acknowledged masters in the realm of jewellery watches, the artisans of the Maison have orchestrated a meeting between contemporary design and the queen of precious stones. The collection is now enriched by a 26 mm-diameter jewellery watch in ethical gold, richly set with diamonds and fitted with a link bracelet. Powered by a mechanical manual-winding movement, this talisman timepiece bears witness to the energy emerging from a perfect alchemist’s blend of form and matter.

The subtle balance between the art of jewellery-making and watchmaking expertise enables L'Heure du Diamant to combine intelligence and beauty, thereby offering the perfect expression of today's femininity. The new timepiece joining the collection is fresh demonstration of this reality. The absolute purity of the diamond is majestically highlighted by an emblematic gemsetting technique called crown setting, which exalts the beauty of each stone by allowing the light to blaze through. This ribbon composed of more than two carats of brilliant-cut diamonds encircling the case lights up a dainty mother-of-pearl dial set with 12 brilliant-cut diamonds.

Crafted in ethical 18-carat white or rose ethical gold, this L'Heure du Diamant timepiece is paired with a link bracelet comfortably moulding the shape of the wrist. At its heart beats a mechanical manual-winding movement driving hours and minutes indications.

L’Heure du Diamant

Heart-felt diamonds

The artisans at Chopard have masterfully orchestrated an encounter between contemporary design and the queen of precious stones in L’Heure du Diamant. The Maison’s "Big Heart" finds an unprecedented place among the latest models joining the collection thanks to the development of a unique setting process. Earrings and rings crafted from ethical Fairmined-certified white gold are the latest creations embodying this technical and romantic challenge taken up by the Chopard ateliers.

IMPERIALE Flying Tourbillon

Eight-piece limited edition in ethical 18-carat white gold
Chopard unites its watchmaking and jewellery skills in a truly exceptional timepiece

The IMPERIALE collection created in 1994 welcomes its first-ever flying tourbillon movement, L.U.C Calibre 96.24-C. Entirely designed and crafted by Chopard, this exclusive mechanism is one of the only ones on the market bearing both Chronometer-certification and the Poinçon de Genève quality hallmark. The artisans of the Maison have crafted a magnificent robe to attire the extreme precision of the IMPERIALE Flying Tourbillon. Framed by an ethical 18-carat white gold case set with diamonds, the aventurine dial is ‘embroidered’ with a mother-of-pearl marquetry lotus blossom. Nestling within the latter is a flying tourbillon that is both mesmerising and profoundly touching.

By pushing the limits of the watchmaking and jewellery professions ever further, Chopard has chosen excellence as the signature of its creations. Witness the IMPERIALE Flying Tourbillon, issued in an eight-piece limited edition. “Very few jewellery watches are equipped with self-winding movements”, notes Chopard Co-President Karl-Friedrich Scheufele. "Those with a horological complication are even rarer. Our flying tourbillon timepieces are the only ones in this universe to guarantee COSC-certified precision and to be granted the prestigious Poinçon de Genève quality hallmark."

Red Carpet Collection

'Chopard Loves Cinema'
The first creations in an Haute Joaillerie collection freely inspired by movie masterpieces

Representing so much more than an oft-repeated refrain, ‘Chopard Loves Cinema’ is the theme chosen by Chopard to mark its activities at the 75th Cannes Film Festival, which corresponds to the jeweller’s 25th participation as an official partner. On this occasion, Caroline Scheufele has designed a masterful Red Carpet Collection of 75 Haute Joaillerie creations: an epic saga inspired by the grand adventure of cinema from its early black and white charms to its dizzying colours. This creative abundance draws on her own repertoire and the first models previewed capture the watershed moment when contemporary cinema was born and began to blossom.

Ahead of the full Red Carpet Collection to be staged at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival (17 – 28 May 2022), Caroline Scheufele unveils the first creations. Chopard's tireless Co-President and Artistic Director’s appetite for life and eclectic tastes drive her prolific inventiveness and a dazzling capacity to arouse jewellery emotions. Much like a film director, this keen lover of the seventh art has dreamed up a jewellery collection freely inspired by her favourite movies that have had a lasting impact on her, whether by the worlds they portray or certain legendary scenes that have inducted these masterpieces into cinema’s hall of fame. In tribute to the 75th Cannes Film Festival, no less than 75 Haute Joaillerie creations will compose the collection, whose wonders can be admired on the famous red carpet of the Festival's preview screenings. A technical feat, brought to life through the combined talents and expertise of a team of jewellers such as only Chopard is capable of assembling.


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