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Italasia Central Ladprao’s Welcomes the Festive Season With a Design Extravagance

Italasia, a long-time leading importer of products from Italy, led by Managing Director Chakrit Benedetti and Fa Benedetti, Executive Management and Hospitality Director of Italasia Group hosted the Italasia Grand Opening Festive Party to unveil its showroom at Central Ladprao with a grandeur concept inspired by the historic train station located in the heart of Porto, Portugal for drink enthusiasts to enjoy perusing selected quality products, while reveling in the atmosphere of the world’s historical city. The occasion also marked the launch of top winemaker Baron Philippe de Rothschild as the latest global wine brand addition to complement Italasia’s product line. Not to be missed is the festive drink, exclusively crafted by Italasia as a stylish drink idea perfect for a chill gathering with friends or a private family party to welcome this festive season. The event was attended by celebrities, on Monday 27 December 2021, at Italasia, 1st Floor, Central Ladprao.

The launch of Italasia Central Ladprao marks an auspicious occasion to round off the year’s end festivities. The latest 21st branch spotlights the Ladprao Intersection, the area’s buzzling travel hub, as the key design concept, while drawing inspirations from São Bento Railway Station in Porto, which is considered one of the most beautiful train stations built in the 20th century. The store is immersed in world heritage with towering backdrops of fascinating story portrayed in blue and white painted tiles. Exquisite handicraft masterpieces reminiscent of the large azulejo wall murals or hand painted tiles — Portugal’s beautiful and distinctive architectural symbols that are adorned throughout the train station, creating a lasting impression for any visitor. The interior of the store is also outfitted with white and dark brown wooden shelves boasting the charms of classic luxury. In addition, the product display and bar zones are connected by an arched doorway to replicate the entry ways of the train station.

This Central Ladprao branch is packed with a complete array of premium imported products from wine, liquor, sake, chuhai, soju and other beverages from Italy, France, Spain, Australia, Chile and Japan, to nonalcoholic beverages such as MONIN, illy coffee. Besides drinks, the store features tableware brands such as Luzerne and Wedgwood, as well as Schott Zwiesel, the famous crystal glassware brand from Germany and maker of the best-selling wine glasses at Italasia. On top of this, do not miss the new addition of plant-based products like almond milk and oat milk that will soon be hitting the shelves.

In keeping with the festive season, Italasia also presented colorful drink ideas that anyone can easily make themselves, such as the refreshing aperitif cocktail “Select Cup” — an authentic Italian-style aperitif that combines alcoholic beverages with sugar-free soft drinks, to create a simplistic, yet perfect combination. Followed by the “Chuga Soul” which draws from the zestiness of lychee mixed with habanero, lime and soju and “Golden Shine”, a golden mocktail blended with a mixture of pineapple juice and almond syrup from the MONIN brand.

The night’s atmosphere was filled with festivities as wine lovers gathered to celebrate the exclusive grand opening party and official opening of Italasia Central Ladprao showroom. Honorable guests were greeted with a warm welcome by key executives, joined by Baron Philippe de Rotschild brand experts to introduce guests to the world’s leading wine from Chile and an opportunity for the guests to taste the brand’s iconic wines. The highly anticipated moment arrived with the festive drink showcase that was exclusively created by Italasia in collaboration with leading professional bartenders. Rounding off the exclusivity of the night with a chance for guests to mingle and enjoy a performance from the DJ.

Italasia Showroom at Central Ladprao (1st Fl.) opens daily from 10.00 - 21.00 hrs. Tel. 02-108-6559


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