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Translucia Metaverse Hosts "Metaverse Unlimited", a Global Forum with 10 Top Gurus

Get set for a forum without limits on 15-16 December

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9 December 2021, Bangkok- Translucia Metaverse, Thailand's first virtual world being developed by T&B Media Global (Thailand), is holding a global online forum gathering experts from the world of the Metaverse. Ten world-renowned researchers, marketers, strategic leaders, architects, designers, and graphic designers will share insights and perspectives on growth trends and unlimited new opportunities from the upcoming virtual universe that will completely transform our lives in "Metaverse Unlimited" on 15-16 December at 08:00-23:30.

Dr. Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp, CEO and founder of T&B Media Global (Thailand), said: “T&B Media Global and its partners invite you to join the global forum that Translucia Metaverse has convened with local and international partners to share knowledge and experience in the Metaverse industry and forecast fascinating Metaverse technology and its role in our lives. We will explore how future changes will affect society, the economy, and lifestyles so that we can prepare for them, including endless opportunity. T&B Media Global has announced that it will create a Metaverse world called Translucia."

This exclusive forum is honored with special guests. The forum will be officially opened by Ms. Cathy Hackl, known as the "Godmother of the Metaverse" and an acknowledged Metaverse expert from forums around the world. The consultant for leading global business and fashion brands entering the virtual world will present “New Entertainment and Beyond: Boundless Possibilities of Metaverse”. Her presentation will highlight how virtual worlds can enhance quality of life and generate income. She will also give guidelines for connecting the virtual world to today's world.

The 9 other special guest speakers are top-level experts including Mr. D. Fox Harrell, Professor of Digital Media and Artificial Intelligence at MIT. He has researched gray scale games and conducted a study in the United States on the social and cultural impact of virtual identity.

Pat Pataranutaporn, or "PP", is a leading Thai researcher on the world stage. He is the first Thai in 20 years to be selected as a Graduate Research Assistant in the MIT Media Lab, one of the world’s most innovative university laboratories, behind various inventions and ideas. PP is studying devices with NASA that help control substances and metabolic system in the body to give superhuman efficiency without special supplements or injections. His research interests include monitoring human biology during entry into the Metaverse. He has also consulted on film production projects for Netflix. PP is another star of the forum on the topic “Meta Me: Bio-Digital Symbiosis for Human Enhancement”.

Fans of director James Cameron's Avatar will have a unique opportunity to meet Mr. Alain Chesnais, the data analytics and computer graphics specialist behind Maya 3D, the program used to create scenes in the movie. He is a team leader at top graphics company Alias/wavefront and won an Academy award in 2003. He is now a software engineering consultant for Amazon and leading technology companies for unveiling their technology roadmaps. Also, Ms. Jeanne Lim, Co-Founder & CEO of Being AI, will present on “Better with AI: the Positive Future of How Humans Interact with Technology”.

For forum’s second day will address social and economic dimensions of the Metaverse. Leading researchers such as Stanford University's Mr. Jeremy Bailenson will examine how VR can enhance life with “VR for a Better World: How Virtual Experience Transforms Empathy, Environmental Conservation, Education and Health”.

Mr. David Bray, a strategy executive hailed by Business Insider as one of the leading Americans under 40, will reveal the strategic big picture on economic opportunities with “A Fireside Chat on How Metaverse Technologies Can Improve Lives, Communities, and Our Global Connections”. Ms. Ashley Casovan, an AI expert working for the World Economic Forum, will talk about creating rules in the virtual world.

This very special forum will conclude with a guest who has applied the Metaverse in his work as a celebrated architect. Mr. Shajay Bhooshan is from the global architecture studio Zaha Hadid Architects. He is the co-founder of ZHACODE, which created the Unconfined (2017) collection with a “Universal Everything” concept for Samsung focused on design, technology, and user experience. The unique digital setup live streamed at the Chicago Architecture Biennial in November. He will present “Designing for the New World: Urban Transformation in Metaverse and Beyond”. Thai student Saenawee Chatameteewong "Knot", co-founder of Design Synthesis, will then talk about “Encoded Environment: How Computational Design Reimagines Architecture, Engineering, and Construction through the Metaverse”.

This special online forum is organized by Translucia Metaverse in collaboration with Tree Roots Entertainment Group, Wasabi Global Innovation Ventures, Creative Motion.

The event is supported by T&B Media Global (Thailand), Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC), Research & Innovation for Sustainability Center (RISC) by MQDC, Shellhut Entertainment.

You can join the live broadcast for free both in English and Thai via Zoom, Facebook Live, YouTube, and SMO Live.

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