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The Ultimate Relaxation at Pullman Phuket Panwa Beach. A New Dimension of Travelling with “Travel Sustainable Badge via”

By Nattanicha Maneenopparat and Amornsiri Boonyasit Photos Amornsiri Boonyasit

As traveling is an important part of our family's lifestyle, we always book an accommodation through when we want to choose a nice place because has a wide range of accommodations for both domestic and international locations. has a high level of dependability and offers a wide range of accommodations and travel options. Furthermore, the website offers a quick and simple booking process as well as various payment methods, such as paying in advance or paying upon arrival, giving travelers a flexibility for their trip.

Christmas vacation time is the most precious time for people to travel with their beloved family. As a consequence, choosing a nice accommodation with full functional facilities and with a high standard of safety and comfort, is very important. We decided to choose Pullman Phuket Panwa Beach since we designed to stay at a beachfront hotel. Even if travelling in high season was more costly , it was worth paying for the convenient travel to spend time with all beloved ones. In addition, we have increased the focus on the accommodation for more sustainable and environmentally friendly travel; hence, with the Travel Sustainable property badge launched last year by Booking,com, did meet with our choice of accommodation for this trip.

Nowadays, travellers around the world are moving towards quality and balanced travel as much as possible along with sustainable travel trends. Also, many accommodation providers, travellers and people have been seeing sustainable travel as important matters as modern way of travel. We, therefore, followed this trend by choosing an accommodation with Travel Sustainable property badge to be assured that we could have an eco-friendly accommodation for sustainable travel, and thus, found many accommodation options with the Travel Sustainable property badge in Phuket on We feel assertained to find perfect-to-our-choices accommodations every time we book our trip, to join meetings abroad, to attend Fashion Weeks, and while travelling with my family, with For us all, is one of the world’s leading digital travel platforms that recognizes the importance of sustaining the resources, including help moving the communities forward. As a consequence, started pioneering the Travel Sustainable program and making all clients to find credible sustainability information easier, with the Travel Sustainable badge.

Our booking for Pullman Phuket Panwa Beach, via was easy, via the following link, This is an open door to get into a new dimension for a sustainable and environmentally friendly travel with’s sustainable travel program through its Travel Sustainable badge. has announced the launch of the first-of-its-kind Travel Sustainable badge, a credible, globally relevant sustainability measure that will provide highly coveted information to travelers all over the world looking to make more sustainable travel choices. The badge is available to any kind of property that has implemented a combination of sustainable practices that meet the requisite impact threshold for their destination.

The goal of the badge is to make credible recognition of impactful sustainability efforts attainable for more properties worldwide and to provide travelers with a transparent, consistent and easy-to-understand way to identify a wider range of more sustainable stays, no matter where they want to travel. We can choose the eco-friendly accommodation that is suitable for many lifestyles, certified and passed the sustainable measures to help all of us travel with the confidence of staying in the accommodation we choose with real happiness.

Pullman Phuket Panwa Beach that we chose to stay during this Christmas time vacation has received the Travel Sustainable property badge from by following the sustainable practices that meet many of the criterias. For example, the hotel has reduced the pollution with the water treatment, before releasing it back to nature. The hotel has also used environmentally friendly products and always have the beach cleaned regularly. Furthermore, the hotel has been designed and constructed, to be in harmony with nature, and makes the time in the hotel with relaxation. The area for the garbages is hidden away from guest areas, which results in reducing the disturbing smell during travel inside the hotel compound. makes it a very enjoyable moment for us to spend a great time with family for this journey and reassured us of the confident with The Travel Sustainable property badge. Besides, knowing the Travel Sustainable property badge on platform makes us realize that finding eco-friendly accommodation is not difficult and help make all the travellers, as well as our families ensured about travelling with a positive impact on society and the environment. The announcement of the Travel Sustainable property badge from makes sustainability concepts that were once seemingly inaccessible and abstract, even more accessible easier. From now on, travellers like us are all able to find eco-friendly accommodation more easily by just selecting the accommodation with the “Travel Sustainable property badge” to help us locate the accommodation that meets our needs. For this time, our booking can be considered as a sustainable accommodation choice with much more happiness, of which everyone can easily access through website.

Our interest in green accommodation has led us to study how works and to become more confident in choosing to book accommodation with We discover that is committed to setting a global standard for green accommodation from all over the world with cooperation with the Travalyst Coalition. The first version of the Travel Sustainable badge focuses on highlighting all practices that are most relevant to a broad range of property types, as well as their high-impact potential.

We have learned that has building off the credible standards for sustainable accommodation, by collaborated with industry experts, including through’s leading role within the Travalyst Coalition and with all other industry experts, to identify a set of the most impactful practices for a property to consider in five key areas: waste, energy and greenhouse gases, water, supporting local communities and protecting nature. These practices include everything from eliminating single-use plastic toiletries or switching to LED light fixtures to running on 100% renewable energy sources or investing a certain percentage of profits into local community and conservation projects. It is important to demonstrate that there is a sustainability spectrum and that there is value in showcasing the growing number of properties at various stages of their individual sustainability journeys. Displaying the practices they have in place makes it easier for everyone to make a more informed and more sustainable choices for their next trips with


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